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Garden flowers and woodland environments are the inspirations for my machine embroidered pictures.

Using a basic 20 year old Bernina sewing machine, I use variations in tension and speed, moving the fabric as I go, to create impressions of mountain, garden, moorland and meadow - effectively using the machine as a paint brush.

Cottons and silks of every colour of the rainbow are applied to fine cotton or voile fabrics which I have previously hand dyed or painted. These become the canvas on which my impressions are based.

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The Background

I do not use programmed stiches or preliminary sketches in my work. I am guided by the tones and shapes within each background canvas ... going wherever the mood and my imagination take me ... rendering each and every picture totally unique.

In addition, I enjoy the challenge of using mixed media techniques to create felted and textured landscapes: "Hills of the North" and "Winter Hills".

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